Rebecca Rae-Evans at UX Copenhagen 2020
Rebecca Rae-Evans at UX Copenhagen 2020

About the speaker

Rebecca Rae-Evans, Bex, is Founder of the design studio Reply, and the podcast Tech for Good Live. (Tech for Good Live have been part of UX Copenhagen since 2017.)

Rebecca has a varied and extensive 15 year agency background in research and user-centred design, working with blue chip clients on award-winning projects and leading departments. Deciding she wanted to align her work with her personal values, 6 years ago, Rebecca transitioned into working exclusively on projects that are for the social (and environmental) good. 

Rebecca founded Reply in 2019 to focus on digital transformation, research, service design and product innovation for social good.

She has been an associate lecturer and mentor at a variety of HE organisations including MMU, The University of Salford and the acclaimed Hyper Island and also co-founded Tech for Good Live, an organisation that empowers and equips individuals and organisations to use digital for social good. The Tech for Good Live weekly podcast has a worldwide reach. 

About the Talk “The Cynic’s Guide to Designing for Social Good”

This talk is all about what not to do when designing for social good. What works, what doesn’t work, and what makes Rebecca scream into a pillow with rage at the end of the working day.


About the workshop: “Designing for Good: How Ethical is Your Upcoming Project?”

Everyone is talking about the need to design and build more ethical products and services. But how do we do that?
This practical and fun workshop will help you implement project ethics as part of your design and development process. This is a hands-on workshop, and you’ll be introduced to a variety of techniques and tools to help detect and consider unintended consequences, and to implement an ethical risk framework.
You might recognize the workshop facilitators Bex and Jonny from previous years – they have both been hosting the awesome Tech For Good Live podcast at UX Copenhagen since 2017!
Read more about Jonny here:
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