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Pat Bertini at UX Copenhagen 2020
Pat Bertini at UX Copenhagen 2020

Pat Bertini is currently International DesignOps lead supporting the International Design teams. Her key roles and responsibilities involve creating strong x-geo and x-segment connections, driving high levels of operational efficiencies and helping to up-skill the research and design capabilities and resources of 7 international design teams.

Patrizia has developed her approach to design and DesignOps through 20 years of international experience in usability, accessibility, research, and design management. With a background in academic and industrial research and design leading distributed and international teams, Patrizia has been known for her pioneering work in web accessibility, design facilitation, and co-creation.

About the talk: “Building DesignOps Teams in the Organization”

Together with Brennan Hartich, Pat will be giving both a talk at UX Copenhagen, as well as a full-day workshop on April 1st.
To Pat and Brennan, building relationships and being able to lead without authority are key skills that all teams need to have. To them, it is an art to be able to influence an organization and bring about change.
We are extremely excited to bring them both to stage to share with you their experiences in working together to build the DesignOps team at Intuit. You will hear about what functions need to be put together, what can be used to help measure success, what is needed to help teams grow, and how you can understand what is expected from different teams at each level.
About the workshop “Communicating and Establishing DesignOps as a New Function” on Wednesday, April 1st:
Brennan will be expanding on Pat’s and his talk from UX Copenhagen with a full-day workshop on April 1st.
The goal of this workshop is to help attendees understand how to approach and create levels for their DesignOps teams, and to create a baseline in the industry.
“Every organization operates and values things differently. For example, some value and prioritize design in all they do, others put more emphasis on operations, etc. This means levels, expectations, and requirements can vary drastically by company. What one designer may find very useful in their own team’s levels, others may think are completely unrelated or not necessary. While we may not be able to create a consensus of what DesignOps means across the industry, we will present to you a framework that in our experience has worked quite well for more mature design teams (especially those in tech), and that hopefully many of you can use as a baseline for tailoring it to your specific organization’s needs.”
We will be sending our workshop participants over to Sweden for the DesignOps workshop! It’s a 40-minute trip from Copenhagen central station, and UX Copenhagen will provide you with train tickets.
BIMobject will be hosting our full-day workshop with Pat and Brennan in their fantastic office in Malmö.
Tickets to the workshop are available here:
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