Lisa Lee at UX Copenhagen 2020
Lisa Lee at UX Copenhagen 2020

About the speaker

Lisa is a Senior Designer at Daresay. with an expertise in User Interface Design. Lisa has a passion for making digital services accessible and inclusive. Prior to this role she was a Principal Brand Designer for a lifestyle design agency in India. She believes that diverse and cross-cultural teams are a backbone to innovation and success in any company. Lisa is currently on a quest to build resilient teams and to foster a safe team culture within Daresay.


About the workshop: “How to Build Trust and Deliver Great Work in a Team”

Along with Melina Pyykkönen, Lisa will be hosting a workshop using the Daresay Teamwork Kit: Great teams don’t have to be a happy accident! In this workshop by Daresay, you will be introduced to the Teamwork kit. The kit contains a free handbook and a collection of tools that helps teams build trust and deliver great work together, following a structured process.

During the workshop you will gain a better understanding of the characteristics of a great team and how to reach a culture of safety. Join this workshop to understand how to influence a better work environment, and discover why you should be an ambassador for teamwork. With the right mindset and a great framework, any group can become a creative, resilient team.
About Daresay

Daresay is a digital agency. We design, build, launch and manage digital products and services for millions of people around the world. We work with everything from improving patient flow at hospitals to building user-centric apps for connected homes to designing and developing new services for banks. With over 80 employees from 20 countries and offices in Stockholm and Umeå, we help our clients explore new ideas that deliver game changing products for their customers.