Laura Yarrow at UX Copenhagen 2020
Laura Yarrow at UX Copenhagen 2020

About the speaker

Laura is a Senior UX Consultant at Experience UX. She has spent the last 13 years in the digital industry, first as a web developer and eventually moving into User Experience Design, fueled by a growing curiosity about the people she was creating products and services for. Her passions are contextual research, systems thinking, and behavioral psychology. When she’s not immersed in experience design and spending time with her family, she can also be found reading, taming her garden, and playing the piano out of tune.

About the talk “Understanding Your Impact: A Systems Thinking Approach to Designer Ethics” 

As designers we occupy an incredibly privileged position of influencing and shaping the world
around us with the designs and solutions we create. We constantly fall into the trap of thinking
our work is used in isolation, when in reality everything we do is interconnected in a complex
and tangled ecosystem, with the knock on effect of our work being felt further along the chain
out of our sight.

We’ll examine what systems thinking is, and how it can be applied to understand the extent our
work impacts the world around us, and the good and bad emergent behavior we trigger in the
human beings interacting with our work.

Finally, we’ll discuss the importance of adhering to a digital code of ethics – much like the medical
practitioners Hippocratic oath – to give us guidance as a design community and help us to
ensure our impact on humanity is a positive one.