Rebecca Rae-Evans at UX Copenhagen 2020
Rebecca Rae-Evans at UX Copenhagen 2020

About the speaker

Karen Liu designs digital products, from conceptualizing and wire-framing to high-fidelity prototyping and testing. She has been in the industry long enough to be unsure if she should be called a UX designer, UI/UX designer, interaction designer, product designer, experience designer, or whatever other name for a digital designer currently in fashion. In the end she considers herself a user-centric designer with a revenue-focused mind and a graphic designer’s heart. Currently she is at Brave; previously at Shutterstock.
In her free time she relishes in designing without constraints. She makes pottery, art, and works on her list of never-ending side projects. You may also spot her snowboarding (through the trees!) at Tahoe or hanging onto her dear life attempting to surf in the Pacific.

About the talk: “Can’t Be Evil: Setting An Example With Brave”

By now, we are all starting to doubt Google’s “don’t be evil” motto. We have seen our personal data being used without our consent for political purposes leading to #deleteFacebook. We have heard that our personal data is the real product being sold by tech companies we trust a bit less now. We are inured to being constantly inundated by invasive online ads, and we are less than surprised to hear that our next door neighbor has quit their tech job, moved to the countryside to start a farm, makes avocado toast all day and doesn’t let their kid watch Youtube anymore.

This talk is about a company trying to give power back to the everyday user. Enter Brave Browser: a product that protects user privacy, fights back against the surveillance economy, and rewards web content creators at the same time. In this talk, we will cover a personal journey to online privacy in the age of the surveillance economy, a real life example of designing for social good, difficulties encountered while trying to shape positive human behavior and insights learned along the way.
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