Jose Coronado at UX Copenhagen 2020
Jose Coronado at UX Copenhagen 2020

About the speaker

Jose Coronado is the Vice President of Global Design Operation at JPMorgan. As a design executive, he works with design teams to help them amplify their strategic impact, and with companies to help them maximize the value of their investment in design. He is also the Managing Editor of Design Impact a digital publication where he shares leadership lessons from emerging and established design leaders around the world.

Jose’s experience includes leadership roles both in-house and as a management consultant with organizations that include McKinsey, Accenture, Bain Capital, AIG, Shire, Aquent, ADP, Oracle, and AT&T.

About the talk: “To the Future Together”

The world is changing rapidly. Technology evolves by leaps and bounds. As design practitioners and leaders, we must prepare ourselves to face the challenges that are presented to us in an evolving interactive landscape. We must be proactive in an increasingly connected, revolutionized and changing world. We need to understand how our roles need to change to face these new challenges. We have to develop our teams and foster the skills to solve these new problems. We need to help our teams to sharpen our focus towards creating the benefits for the people who use our products and services. As influencers and leaders, we must reflect, adapt and evolve to go to the future together.
About the workshop “Innovation Leadership” on Sunday, March 29th:
With the consumerization of information technology and the rapid evolution of applications available at the consumer’s fingertips, organizations face the challenge to transform and innovate and deliver the best experience in their products and services. Some of the most visible examples of success and failure have outspoken leaders at the helm. However, the trend in all of these situations demonstrates that they have not been alone in their innovation endeavor. Executives want answers to the questions that matter most: How do we get an innovation program started at our company? What are the key elements we need to watch for? What should we avoid? How do we make it sustainable?