Henrik Søndergaard Andersen at UX Copenhagen 2020
Henrik Søndergaard Andersen at UX Copenhagen 2020

About the speaker

Henrik is a Conversational Designer, and is Partner and Project Lead at the Danish startup BotSupply.ai

Henrik’s passion lies in developing digital concepts, and finding out how these can be designed the best way. He is especially interested in the relationship between interactive artefacts and how they relate to the individual, their social settings, and how they can be implemented in digital concepts.

About the interactive talk: “Conversational AI and How It Led to the Startup BotSupply”

Along with Henrik, Simon will be hosting an interactive talk about the BotSupply journey. They will talk about the pitfalls of entrepreneurship, the excitement (and terrors) of exploring new and unknown terrain, and about the fantastic adventure it has been to create BotSupply.