Don Norman at UX Copenhagen 2020
Don Norman at UX Copenhagen 2020

About The Speaker

A first-mover and leader in the application of human-centered design. Business Week has listed him as one of the world’s 27 most influential designers. “All design,” says Norman, “whether of a product, a company, a service or an experience is ultimately aimed at satisfying human and societal needs.” This approach requires the application of knowledge of cognitive science, engineering, and business with the skills and knowledge of the design field, helping companies produce products and services that satisfy human and societal needs, both practical and emotional.”

Dr. Norman has several different professions: University Professor, Company advisor and board member, Keynote speaker and Author of books and columns. He is co-founder and principal of the User Experience/Usability consulting firm, the Nielsen Norman group.

We have been trying to convince Don Norman to come to Copenhagen for many years now, and are just ecstatic that he has finally accepted to join us, albeit online this year.

About The Discussion

Don Norman invites you to join in on a discussion about the conference topics, “Influence” and “Designing For Good”. These are both subjects that have been on Don Norman’s mind for years, and they are related, he says. “If we are to stop designing the junk that is destroying the environment, we must have more influence.”

Online exclusive: Join us for an interactive, online session on Monday, March 30th from 6pm (GMT +1). Available for ticket-holders only!