Claus Venlov at UX Copenhagen 2020
Claus Venlov at UX Copenhagen 2020

About the speaker

Claus is an entrepreneur, and co-founder and CEO of the Danish startup Preely. Claus has over 20 years of experience developing digital products and solutions. He has proven experience in creating innovative solutions, and has won awards in E-commerce.

Claus is passionate about identifying, innovating and developing new digital concepts and business opportunities. He understands the digital field in depth and breadth. He has solid hands-on experience with executing ideas for finished products.

Some of you might remember seeing Preely before – they had a booth in our Lobby at UX Copenhagen 2018! 

About the workshop: “Test Early – Build Right”

Along with’s other co founder, Claus Venlov, Sebbe will be hosting a workshop that showcases their product, and will allow you to see for yourselves how smart it is – and how important it is – to test your products at a very early stage.