Saskia Videler

About The Speaker

We have all heard of them, but do UX unicorns really exist? We believe we have found one in Saskia. She is an independent content strategy consultant, a content designer, UX writer, lecturer, public speaker, workshop host AND she produces and hosts the podcast series “Efficiently Effective”. Saskia Videler is  based in Belgium. She works for large organisation in retail, telecom, and government, as well as for smaller NGO’s and companies.

About The Workshop “Privacy and Consent-related Content in Your Product: At the Right Time, In the Right Place, the Right Way”

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to incorporate privacy and consent related issues into your UX process. We’ll do an exercise looking at needs and opportunities, which you can easily repeat for your own projects. You’ll also get a chance to let your creative juices flow, because even with strict privacy rules you can let your product shine.
We’ll focus specifically on interface content, and content professionals are welcome but this is by no means a writers-only workshop. I do believe that designers, strategists and other profiles should be able to understand the role and say something about the words as well, as content is part of UX.

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