Quinn Keast

About The Speaker

Quinn is originally from Canada, but is now living in Berlin. He has more than 9 years of experience using human-centred design thinking and methodologies to craft and deliver great user experiences.

He leads and manages UX and UI projects with local and international project teams and organizations as a partner at Caribou, a user experience strategy and design consultancy. Quinn is also a Senior UX / UI Designer at Marley Spoon. 

Quinn has also written several articles on Medium. This is the one that caught our attention, and made us reach out to him: https://uxdesign.cc/thoughts-on-consent-ethics-in-tracking-user-behaviour-for-ux-research-e0c9d018d935

About The Talk “Navigating Our Evolving UX Landscape: Why and How to Create Your Personal Code of Ethics”

Digital privacy and consent is becoming a bigger part of the public consciousness. As UX designers, researchers, or leaders, our work can be a force for good—or ill. That’s why it’s our responsibility to go beyond ethics defined by legal, societal, or cultural values, and to draw our own personal “lines in the sand.” In his talk, Quinn Keast explores the quickly evolving digital landscape around user privacy in UX, and will show you how to create and share your own personal code of ethics.

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