Workshop with Sheryl Cababa: Envisioning Outcomes to Build Better Products

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External workshop on March 21st, presented by Sheryl Cababa
Full price tickets Include train tickets to and from Malmö in Sweden.

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Workshop: ”Envisioning Outcomes to Build Better Products”

Instead of “move fast and break things,” it’s time to slow down and ask the right questions of our tech products.

After years creating products that engage the user and keep them coming back for more, the tech + design community is realizing that the consequences of delight at scale aren’t so enchanting after all. Fake news, smartphone addiction and dirty tricks with data have demonstrated that delightful products don’t have inherently good outcomes.

But the impact of technology doesn’t have to come as a surprise. We can build more trustworthy and transparent products by surfacing their outcomes during the design process—both the ones you want to happen, and the ones you want to avoid.

This session will help you tackle the ghosts of technology future and build better products using outcomes-focused strategies and tools. Learn how to think beyond the immediate benefits of product use to identify potential unintended consequences and design things that contribute to a desired outcome—for the user and at scale.

We’re sending you to Malmö in Sweden for this workshop! It will be held at our sponsor HiQ’s office on March 21, 2019. 

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