Peng Cheng

Workshop: The Mindful Digital Experience

We live in an age of attention economy. As UX professionals, our job is to design attractive, even addictive digital experiences that compete with other content, products, and services for the increasingly scarce resource – human attention. There is a general view that blames digital devices on making our lives more stressful, and that they make us less able to concentrate.

Is it possible to design interactive digital experiences that bring the benefits of mindfulness meditation to people in a simple, engaging, and effective way?

In this workshop, you will learn about Mindful digital experience design approach, experience real products designed based on this approach, innovate on new digital expressions, and use these learnings to turn a product of your choice into a calming device with mindful digital experience. You will also learn a few Tai Chi moves as a bonus. 🙂

Peng Cheng

Peng Cheng is Founder and CEO at PauseAble, a Danish mental wellness product and solution company specializing in the field of interactive meditation. Our first product PAUSE went to the #1 top selling app in 18 markets, was designated top 10 apps by, and is now helping people all over the world relax and focus in a super simple and effective way.