Martin Sønderlev Christensen

“The UX Of Work”

(Slides are available HERE)

As designers and innovators, we are often dealing with problems related to making products, business and services work better, but how often do we work on fixing work? In many cases, work is broken. Lets try redesigning work!
Martin Sønderlev Christensen will talk about the emergence and design of responsive and agile organizations and teams, about how organisational redesign trends and experiments are changing the “UX of work”. Based on his 15 years of experience as a digital consultant in a host of companies and institutions – and on his own experiences with implementing the self organizational operating system “Holacracy” in Socialsquare, where he is a partner.

Socialsquare is a Copenhagen based digital product innovation company, with 10 years under the belt in helping organisations transform business, product development and ways of working to a digital, open and agile age.