Mark Bowers, Interaction Designer at Google

Mark Bowers, Interaction Designer at Google

The New Reality of (Image) Manipulation

With a smartphone, everyone now has the ability to manipulate an image right at capture, even automatically. In a world where fake news is a real concern, where governments are actively restricting image manipulation, what is the responsibility of the designer who is creating these smartphone apps? What considerations come into play for those who build products that have the potential to be misused?

With news that France recently passed a law to restrict the use of Photoshop and image manipulation in media and advertising, this subject is a hot one. What happens when the ability to manipulate is truly in the hands of everyone at the moment of capture with their smartphones? Who will be able tell what is real? And what are the implications and responsibilities of UX designers who are creating these products?

Mark has a super interesting background in Industrial Design, has a Master’s Degree in Interaction Design from Hong Kong, and was with Frog for several years before moving to Google about a year ago. To read more about Mark, see


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