Lene Nielsen & José Abdelnour Nocera

IT University of Copenhagen

“Co-creating Personas in Cross-Cultural Design Teams”

(Slides are available HERE)

The aim of the workshop is to give designers an idea of how personas can be co-created and how personas from different cultures are interpreted. Is it at all possible to use personas in design projects that are culturally different from the design team?

Lene Nielsen

Lene Nielsen is Associate Professor at the IT University Copenhagen. She has worked with and researched personas for almost 20 years and was the first to write a PhD on personas. Lene has combined the academic career with private consultancy and worked for 5 years as a usability consultant, before she became a full time academic.

Both as an academic and a consultant she has helped numerous private companies and public organisations to develop and apply personas to  their design process.

José Abdelnour Nocera

José Abdelnour Nocera is Associate Professor at the IT University of Copenhagen and University of West London. He is the current Chair for UNESCO IFIP TC 13.8 working group in Interaction Design for International Development as well as Chair for the British Computer Society Sociotechnical Specialist Group. His interests lie in the sociotechnical and cultural aspects of systems design, development and use. In pursuing these interests, he has been involved as researcher and consultant in several projects in the UK and overseas in the domains of mHealth, e-learning, social development, e-commerce, e-governance and enterprise resource planning systems. Dr. Abdelnour-Nocera gained an MSc in Social Psychology from Simon Bolivar University, Venezuela, and a PhD in Computing from The Open University, UK.