Lena Egede

“How To Do Ultra Lightweight User Testing With An Impact”

(Slides from the conference are available HERE)

In today’s fast-paced environment, we need to carry ultra-lightweight and flexible approaches to user testing in our UX toolbox — approaches that are quick to do, and easy to share. This workshop will show you one such approach, demonstrating how to ensure that your research results are impactful in your development process. This approach combines the best elements of think-aloud, guerilla, and remote testing.

“Bastard User Testing” is an approach that is based on the fact that user testing is rarely about discovering every single problem in a product. Even if you could do so, chances are that the next version would be launched before you fixed them all anyway.

The main goals of Bastard User Testing are to find errors, fix them as quickly as possible, and use them to build up usable knowledge in the team.

With this methodology, questions and test notes are logged in Excel, people from the street are your participants and your report is a workshop. You can tailor this approach to pick and choose the parts that best suit your organization and situation.

This hands-on workshop will provide:

–        A quick explanation of the steps in Bastard User Testing;

–        A demonstration of how to organize your research questions and use Excel for your notes;

–        An Excel template to get you started doing it yourself;

–        Knowledge about how to set up a workshop with minimal preparation in which solutions are created;

–        Room for discussion, and suggestion for solving current problems

The target audience for this workshop is experienced user testers.

Lene Egede

With more than ten years of experience, Lena has added almost every user research method in the digital field to her toolbag. Whether testing teens or the elderly, large scale or small scale studies, face-to-face or remote, using eye tracking, paper prototypes or live websites, Lena has done it all. She is currently improving the user experience for Unity Technologies, among other clients. With her practical and pragmatic approach, Lena believes that small, frequent, and concrete input is the best approach. She has specialized in agile methodologies and how to apply service design principles and user testing methods in the field of UX.

Lena has experience on both sides of the UX table, as she was responsible for the user experience at one of the largest Danish websites: tdc.dk with approximately 9 million monthly visits,  and served as Head of UX in a Copenhagen-based digital agency.