Kristina Daniliauskaite
Kristina Daniliauskaite

About The Speaker

With a background in Media Technology and Project Management, Kristina has multidisciplinary skills and knowledge. She is passionate about user-friendly digital solutions, and her focus is on how digital technology can help to solve real life problems. During the last couple of years, Kristina has gained solid experience with practical application of GDPR principles while working on user-friendly IT products for a particular user group at a startup company.

About The Workshop “Nothing Is For Free (Doh!)”

This  workshop with Pernille Korzon Dünweber and Kristina Daniliauskaite focuses on digital development, and how we as designers need to question the requirements for a given solution. We must focus on what will be stored, and what will be shared – and for which purpose – at each user interaction point.

Does your end-user know what you as a company save from their interaction with your product or service? To what extent does the end-user have a choice, understanding, or knowledge about this privacy data retrieval?

During the workshop you will go through different exercises, which will help you clarify and strengthen your toolbox when using Privacy by Design principles.