Julia Sommer
Julia Sommer

About the speaker:

Julia Sommer is an Ex-DPO and a passionate GDPR professional. With a background in biotechnology engineering, she has worked in the intersection of technology, quality, and practical implementation of compliance law in the Danish public sector in the health tech industry.

As a privacy professional, she believes that a right to privacy is a human right. She practices digital minimalism and is passionate about communicating law and technology in an everyday language of visual communication.

In her spare time, she loves to network and create communities, as well as produce videos and VFX (visual effects).

About the talk:

With a provocative statement “Make Technology Stupid Again”, Julia would like to share a few real live experiences of how “Smart” technology gets smarter, while it violates the trust and privacy of the consumers.

Together we will look at the divide between human comprehension of technology and our dependence on it  and at the Technology’s comprehension of humans, which are reduced to data points and tracking-IDs.

And while we look at this imbalance of power, Julia will be giving you a little User Experience of your own, that might shock some members of the audience. 

In the end – will you be able to make a hard choice between a Technological Convenience and Human Independence?