About The Speaker 

Julia Moisand Égéa is a passionate design leader who co-leads the Fjord Copenhagen studio. With over 15 years of experience in Service Design and UX, she’s run large complex projects for 500+ Fortune companies. She has worked across industries and has lived and led teams internationally.

Julia is very passionate about design culture. She enjoys exploring how to establish functional and empowered teams both on the client side but also within agencies like Fjord.


Fjord Trends 2018 – the ethics economy

Today, we see deep division across global populations on a broad range of issues, which is creating social and political anxiety.

In this talk, Julia will present an overall view of our vision for 2018, and dive into one subject in particular: Ethics. Organizations have started to take political stances on issues of general concern and, over the coming year, this will grow more commonplace — driven by customers’ and employees’ accelerating expectations. In the future, no organization will be able to afford to sit back and claim to be neutral.


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