About The Speaker 

Jonny Rae-Evans is the Head of Product Innovation at the Big Lottery Fund. He also has design experience working at several agencies like Reason Digital. He is passionate about designing for good and is a co-host of Tech for Good Live in Manchester. Every month they host events and release podcasts to explore the latest​ trends, news, successes (and failures) in the tech for good scene.

Jonny has worked with clients across a variety of industries and sectors including education, sports, travel, retail and finance.


About The Talk 

In light of the shift in politics and public opinion sweeping across the United States and Europe in recent years, it’s of no surprise to see more and more designers pursuing a career in ethical design.

“Tech for good” is no longer merely a niche topic, and instead we’re finally seeing the great impact that ethical design can have upon the lives of people.

However, “designing for good” is often synonymous with “designing for the vulnerable” and with that comes a weight of responsibility. If a designer on a tech for good project makes a mistake, it isn’t a case of a client losing some money, or a company losing brand appeal, but it could actually result in a loss of life.

This talk will explore what it means to be a user experience designer in the tech for good sector, how to approach designing for vulnerable people, and how to avoid killing anyone.


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