Jim Forrest

About The Speaker

Copenhagen-based Jim Forrest is the Director of Creative Innovation at Intrepid, an Accenture mobility and design studio based in Cambridge, MA, USA. At Intrepid Jim mixes design thinking, digital strategy, and development experience to help large clients tackle some of the most interesting and difficult problems in the digital space.

Before Intrepid, Jim did stints at PayPal, was an award-winning Creative Director at the Peabody Essex Museum, a Creative Director of the Berklee College of Music online school, and a Product Designer at a host of startups in Silicon Valley East.

Jim is also a music producer, educator, and synth fanatic who records under the names Forrest James and Herkka.

About The Talk “Internet, Go the F*ck to Sleep”

A slow web manifesto to reclaim our sanity and protect future generations from an internet that could destroy all we know about being human. In this talk Jim will discuss how the internet and devices have invaded our internal sacred space and how we can learn from Denmark, and a few others, to solve the issue.