Janus Nielsen
Janus Nielsen

About The Speaker

The workshop is hosted by former Co-founder of Design Thinking House /et al. and current CEO and-founder of Readlst, Janus Nielsen, along with the founder of UX CPH, Power Intern and Why UX podcast host, Helena Levison.

About The Workshop 

Ethical design dilemmas and dark patterns are everywhere. We encounter these dilemmas as
consumers, in business models, and in our daily work. And they are here for a reason – they
create business value.

In this workshop, we will dive into a real business case, that is actively working with the dilemma
of dark patterns.

Through group work, you will reflect upon potential dark patterns in your work-life and then we
will explore how ethical dilemmas can be turned around to create true value for both businesses,
users, and customers.



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