Capital Region Denmark with iMotions
Capital Region Denmark with iMotions

About The Speakers

Jesper Melek Nielsen (Consultant) and Arif Mustafa (E-learning specialist) are UX researchers at Center for Human Resources at the Capital Region Denmark. The Capital Region Denmark is one of five regions in Denmark and consist of 45.000 employees.

Their adventure started in the beginning of 2018, when the Board of Educational Advice donated UX equipment to Capital Region Denmark to improve both e-learning and the general user experience. The UX team member main project was to predict flaws in the newest release in the Danish Healthcare Platform, a prestigious public project that replaces 30 other IT systems.

Through an explorative design approach with iMotions, a biometric research platform, the team found that the software technology was better and more precise at finding userchallenges compared to the traditional UX measuring tools.

Casper Bergmann, Senior Customer Success Manager at iMotions, will join the speak and walk through how new software technology like iMotions can help UX researchers gain a deeper insight into understanding behavioral science, unpacking human behavior and designing greater user experiences.  

About The Talk “Uncover the Unconscious – a UX implementation case” 

Join us on an inspiring journey on how we try to improve usability testing in Capital Region Denmark, using a unique software that collects synchronized biometric data. The team uses software from iMotions to gain the unbiased and unspoken user experience through biometric data collection such as Eye tracking, Facial Expression Analysis, Galvanic skin response and EEG – and combine it with regular UX researching techniques.

Gain insights on how it is to navigate through a heavy political driven public sector and why networking, nudging and data collecting is key to getting the managers’ attention. The team describes how biometric data, in their case, created a language as a common ground between users, managers and developers.

The software from iMotions offers endless opportunities and only creativity sets the limit. Learn about how the team thinks the iMotions software can be used to shape a new tomorrow of Capital Region Denmark and thereby improve the Danish Healthcare Platform.