Ida Aalen

Ida Aalen: “Never Show A Design You Haven’t Tested On Users”

(slides from the conference are available HERE)

If you’re already a user-testing advocate, that may seem obvious, but we often miss something that’s not as clear: how user testing impacts stakeholder communication, and how we can ensure testing is built into projects, even when it seems impossible. Ida is senior UX Designer, author and speaker, works for Netlife Research in Oslo.

In addition to speaking about usability, Ida will be doing a workshop hosted by Valtech on March 9th:


The core model lets you work on what’s most important to both the organization and its users. Even stakeholders that have little knowledge of the web or content strategy can be involved, without creating those dangerous, detailed wireframes, texts, or sketches too early in the process.

How will the users find this content? What content elements are necessary, if both we and our users are to reach our objectives? Where do we want to send the users after they’ve solved their primary task?

We’ll show real examples of the core model in use from actual clients. You’ll learn:

  • How to use the core model to map and prioritize content
  • How the core model can be combined with the principles of content and mobile first
  • How to use the core model within your team or with your client, to ensure content that fulfills both user needs and business goals

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