Jakob de Lemos & Sofie Bech

“Discover how to improve the effectiveness of your communication and user experience through eye tracking”

The digital landscape is changing rapidly, bringing new challenges and opportunities to all industries. Technology is transforming the way customers interact, engage and purchase products – and technology changes the way we can measure and improve customer experience. Today more than ever, designing effective communication and user experience across touch points is essential in customer acquisition, satisfaction and retention.

Within this competitive environment, it is necessary to provide products and solutions that incorporate a highly user-centered approach to service. In this workshop you will learn how to evaluate experiences across several touch points through visually effective and intuitive designs that support user navigation. Combining the latest eye tracking methodology and technology with traditional usability and market research techniques, EyeReply will show you how to understand user interaction better and improve your communication.

Join our workshop and discover how to evaluate the design of digital product and services to ensure an effective communication that delivers a positive and professional customer experience across touch points. We will share with you insights from our most relevant case studies within public self service, banking and telecommunications industries, and illustrate the process with a real-time eye tracking test scenario. We look forward to seeing you!

Jakob de Lemos

Jakob is an expert in evaluating attention, visual perception, and communication via traditional research methodologies and biometric measurements. Having more than fifteen years of experience within the field of behavioural research and UX-design, he brings knowledge on the methodology applied at EyeReply.

Jakob has trained, collaborated and provided research to a range of global companies within the area of product innovation and customer experience. This has provided him with a deep understanding of the important aspects when optimising communication and user experience in the early stages of product development as well as the marketing and retail touch points, across both digital and analog channels. Jakob has developed novel methods and techniques for evaluating visual, emotional, and cognitive effect of digital solutions, products and media, and holds several patents within the area.

Sofie Bech

Sofie has ten years of experience in usability and user-centered design within the research industry. She provides solid knowledge from users’ point of view through the analysis of interviews, and combines this information with behavioral and visual data. Together, these results allow actionable recommendations to solve business needs.

Sofie is an expert in qualitative analysis and interviewing. Sofie has worked intensively with online sales strategies, communication of complex products, usability analysis, and user behavior in digital medias. Sofie also has broad experience with mobile and web communication.