Eva Fog
Eva Fog

About The Speaker

The workshop is hosted by Eva Fog, founder and chairwoman of the organization DigiPippi. DigiPippi is on a mission to eradicate the gender gap in IT, technology, and digitalization. They believe that diversity creates synergy, and that the best results can be made when there is synergy.

About The Workshop 

Unconscious biases are alive and well in our society, especially when it comes to gender and gender equality. No matter how much we try to convince ourselves that we are enlightened, open-minded, and right on track, our society still doesn’t reflect it. Especially when it comes to females and technology.


With dropping numbers of female students, the lack of female IT employees, and a common misconception that a tech person is male, we have set us all up to fail miserably.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

When we start being conscious we start making a change, and once you start – it’s hard to stop! 

Join in the discussion about how to make change, initiated by a keynote presented once by the founder and chairwoman of the organization DigiPippi, Eva Fog, on how it all went wrong. Learn how DigiPippi is making a system change that everyone can participate in, starting within their own homes.

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