Darren Menachemson

About The Speaker

Darren is a partner in ThinkPlace, a world-leading public good design firm that works to create better futures for society. His focus is on applying design thinking at scale to intractable challenges, in both developed and developing countries. Darren works in policy areas such as public health, biosecurity, taxation, social services, education and digital government. Whether designing a new public program in Australia or conducting sleeves-up ethnographic research in remote villages in Central Africa, Darren’s approach is grounded in the need to have positive, ethical impact. Darren serves as Global Chief Digital Officer at ThinkPlace.


About The Talk

The world is in a turbulent period where trust in public and private institutions is on the decline. At the same time, the rise of emerging technologies give these same institutions powerful new tools that have the potential to cause great good or great harm to individuals and communities. Social license is unclear and wildly diverse across the population; go too far one way, and the public feels an intrusion has taken place; go too far in the other direction, and the public loses access to desirable or even life-changing programs and services. So what is the contribution of the UX community to this challenge?

Darren’s engaging talk will zoom into the challenge, and unique role of UX design must play in alleviating, or at least navigating, these tensions over the next 10 years.

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