Chris J. Bush

About the speaker

Chris has over 15 years of experience in interaction design, usability and accessibility. He counts himself lucky to have worked on many successful high profile projects, across a wide variety of sectors and technologies for both national and global brands, including BBC, Citizens Advice, AztraZeneca, and InterContinental Hotels Group. Chris is a certified usability analyst, a UX evangilist, and a member of Northern UX group,, and previously a member og WaSP ILG, and WaSP Interact – part of the global web standards project. Chris leads the Experience Design team at Sigma, a Swedish IT consulting organisation with over 4000 people across 11 countries. He leads the group’s centre of excellence for Experience Design.

About The Talk “Designing For the Unconscious: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”. 

As designers, we frequently look to build products that embrace our user’s natural behaviors. We aim to craft interactions that aim to reduce cognitive load and support user’s automatic responses, recognising the greater contribution of the user’s unconscious plays in their us of the technology.

Whilst many use this knowledge to support their users and provide better services, others sadly use this knowledge to manipulate and deceive for commercial gain. In this presentation, Chris will explore the different techniques that organisations are using to engage with their users, highlighting the best and worst case examples (ranging from design patterns to behavioral design), and to providing some consideration points of things you should try in your own product development cycles.