About The Facilitator

Charlotte Mathiesen is a designer who has chosen to focus on design thinking and user needs. Charlotte has experience from the hearing aid industry designing real time change management tools for people with hearing loss, and knowledge sharing possibilities for hearing care professionals. As a designer, Charlotte has worked in different fields helping organizations change their services and work routines to ensure that they meet customer needs.


About The Workshop

This workshop will focus on design thinking, and showcase which tools to use in different phases of design. The participants will be facilitated through understanding user needs, capturing an existing journey, and collecting insights. Together, we will design new journeys and explore new ways of thinking about the users’ environments.

If time allows, we will role-play the new solutions.

The aim of the workshop is to focus on how we design solutions for real people in the real word, taking all of their needs into consideration. If a user is handicapped, or mentally unwell, or even “just” has a broken arm, we need to look at the context of use, and always treat the users with respect and dignity.


General Admission PLUS workshop

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General Admission plus dinner ticket

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