Alice Thode Jensen
Alice Thode Jensen

About The Speaker

Alice is Partner at Reload, and was in 2017 recognized as Denmark’s best IT Project Manager. She is very passionate about the Agile methodology, and has been working with Agile web development for the past ten years. She has experience from a long list of different complex digital solutions, and enjoys bringing out business value, and being the connection between tech and creativity.

At Reload, Alice is most often in charge of the biggest and most complex projects. She has a Master’s degree in Digital Design and Communication. Her main area of focus is keeping the customers’ business values in mind while evaluating technical possibilities and limitations.

About The Workshop “Hardwiring UX to Agile Development”

Together with Christina Mumm, Alice will teach you how to hardwire your digital roadmap and development processes to the human dimension.

In this session, Reload will demonstrate how you can stay focused on the people using your solutions, embrace unpredictability and create digital solutions with real value by integrating UX into the very core of agile development processes. You will hear about real examples, and you will also collaborate with the other participants in a hands-on exercise to learn how to start using the process yourself.

Alice and Christina are both passionate, agile practitioners and digital advisors. They help clients succeed with complex, digital solutions, and nurture a human-centered approach in everything they do.
Alice and  Christina’s slides: