On-site, live event ticket
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DKK 7,500


Join us live* in Copenhagen! This ticket includes: 

  • Live and online talks, workshops, panel discussions, and Round Table sessions (Mar 23-24) 
  • Access to the Speakers’ Dinner on day 1, March 23
  • A fun and interactive clay modeling workshop on March 22
  • Full access to the live-stream for 3 months after the event
  • Food and drinks during the conference (Mar 23-24)
  • Merchandise and conference goodies

Reg. price: 7,500 DKK. Prices are ex. VAT. 

*restrictions apply



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Live-stream ticket
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DKK 4,000


Watch the full footage of both days of UX Copenhagen, including the Q&A sessions, plus one online workshop per day.


This ticket allows you to jump in and out of the live-stream as you please, interact with others on Slack and our other social media platforms, and to access all of the recordings 60 hours after the event starts.


Please note that these tickets are not refundable.


Reg. price: 4,000 DKK. Prices are ex. VAT. 




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Group ticket: live-stream
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Bring the team! This ticket allows you and your team to jump in and out of the live-stream as you please, interact with others on Slack and our other social media platforms, and to access all of the recordings 60 hours after the event starts.


Watch the full footage of both days of UX Copenhagen, including the Q&A sessions, plus one online workshop per day.


Please note that these tickets are not refundable.


Reg. price: 20,000 DKK. Prices are ex. VAT. 


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Full-day workshop ticket
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DKK 5,000


Apart from hosting a talk at UX Copenhagen 2023, David Dylan Thomas will also be hosting a stand-alone inclusive design workshop “Creating a Bias-Informed Practice” on Tuesday, March 21st!


The workshop is not just for designers. It is for anyone in an organization who contributes to the products or services that organization creates. The exercises do not require any form of design expertise. If anything, they are meant to challenge traditional notions of what responsibilities design encompasses.


Please note that these tickets are not refundable.


Reg. price: 5,000 DKK. Prices are ex. VAT. 


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Recording of the 2022 live-stream

DKK 2,400


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Conversations with UX Copenhagen®


Inspired by her initial talks with potential speakers for the UX Copenhagen® conference, Helle Martens will be inviting voices in tech and design to talk about the upcoming theme for the next conference. The conversation is recorded live, and anyone can join in with questions.


2023 Speakers

Stay tuned for more additions!

Lisa Talia Moretti speaking at UX Copenhagen 2023

Lisa Talia Moretti
User Research Principal at AND Digital

Informal and formal support are a key feature of human life and as a result, our services should be flexible enough to cope with a supporter-in-tow on the other end of a screen, telephone or paper form. However, despite their everyday occurrence, supported journeys are often treated as outliers in service patterns; they’re not prioritised, poorly understood and under researched. In this talk, Lisa Talia Moretti will share lessons of being part of a multidisciplinary team looking to modernise the lasting power of attorney service in the UK. We need to design for relationships, not just users.
Angelos Arnis speaking at UX Copenhagen 2023

Agelos Arnis
Design Operations Manager at

Our collective futures: There is no planet B
In this talk, we will look at how designers can use their skills and tools to influence a truly green transition and shape a sustainable, equitable, and just future for all. We will talk about how strategic design, sustainable thinking, and systems approaches can help us create solutions that benefit our communities and the world we live in.


Jen Blatz speaking at UX Copenhagen 2023

Jen Blatz
Principal UX Researcher at BECU

Workshop: Spontaneous Talks Frameworks
Sometimes neither you nor your stakeholders have the time for a full presentation. The hacks you’ll learn in this workshop will allow you to present information on a short timeline. Spontaneous Talks Frameworks help you break up your story into smaller, consumable chunks so it’s easier to organize and remember – and use it to present your UX work.”


Dan Maccarone speaking at UX Copenhagen 2023

Dan Maccarone
Co-founder, Author, Strategist, and UX’er

Dan is the co-founder of Charming Robot, a product design company based in NYC. For the past twelve years, he has been helping startups and media companies shape their online product strategy. In this talk, Dan will explore the success he has seen in factional product leadership, the art of building multiple internal teams at once, and how having a head of product who’s able to keep a peripheral view of what’s going on outside your company can keep you from getting too mired in the weeds and able to leverage experience that you may not otherwise have been aware of.



Debbie Levitt speaking at UX Copenhagen 2023

Debbie Levitt
Independent CX and UX Change Agent

Democratization is something few of us would choose if we had alternatives. We would want budget and headcount to grow the UX Research department. A team stretched thin is told not only to let anybody do some or all of their jobs, but that they will need to train and oversee this work.This actionable session dives into many of the pro-democratization reasons and arguments and offers critical thinking and counter-arguments for all of them. For those who want to democratize – or are being forced to – we’ll work with my governance model, and you’ll learn how to closely monitor having non-specialists do specialized work, and being able to know when it’s successful or failing.

Catherine Hills speaking at UX Copenhagen 2023

Catherine Hills
Director of Product Design

The problematic intersection of UX design with organizational design In the field of UX design, we are often asked to do something, but that thing may have more potential effects than we can predict. How might we respond, or create credible recommendations, when the impact of what we are asked to deliver is beyond what was expected – or the reality of our findings are beyond organizational readiness for listening, receptiveness, or action?In this opening keynote, Catherine HIlls will talk about what happens when management won’t acknowledge identified needs and opportunities if these require systemic change, and will show us techniques, methods and tools designers can use to help unpack potential impacts and effects in complex environments, or within challenging conditions.
David Dylan Thomas speaking at UX Copenhagen 2023

David Dylan Thomas
Founder and CEO

In the current political climate, it seems like we’ve all but given up on productive, respectful discourse. However, there are simple design and content design choices we can make that encourage collaboration over conflict, even when dealing with hot-button issues. In this session we’ll look at real-world examples of how the way we phrase a question or design an interaction can have a huge impact on the quality of conversation, and the three rules they share.
Tobias Christian Jensen speaking at UX Copenhagen 2023

Tobias Christian Jensen
Accessibility Specialist

WORKSHOP: The use of color in the Dark Ages. Tobias Christian Jensen, Accessibility Specialist with Siteimprove, will be the hosting “The use of color in the Dark Ages”. “What do medieval sculptors, Italian elections, and poorly stuffed lions have in common with digital design? In this session, we will travel back as far as the 12th century to see what we can learn from those who came before us.
Tobias Christian Jensen works with digital transformation at Siteimprove. He is very fond of teaching designers and developers how to craft digital products that work well for users of all abilities.
Rachel Gogel speaking at UX Copenhagen 2023

Rachel Gogel
Founder, Creative Director, and Designer

Sending everyone home to work was a catalyst for people to reexamine not only how, when, and where they work, but why, resulting in deep, structural changes to employee expectations. But what drives engagement at work is the same factor now as it was pre-pandemic: an employee’s relationship with their manager. This is why Rachel Gogel believes that good people managers matter more now than ever before. As a passionate design leader and experienced people manager, Rachel believes in fostering inclusive spaces that unlock human potential.
Piccia Neri speaking at UX Copenhagen 2023

Piccia Neri
UX Lead, and UX and accessible design consultant

Piccia helps agencies, businesses, designers & developers thrive and win on the web by putting their users at the centre of their process. Her talk at UX Copenhagen will teach you how your business can be visible, beautiful, creative, accessible – and extremely profitable, all at the same time.


Rina Takikawa speaking at UX Copenhagen 2023

Rina Takikawa
Design Lead

Product designer and Ballerina, Rina Takikawa will be speaking at UX Copenhagen 2023 about her career transition from classical ballet to technology. In this talk, she will also be sharing the invisible similarities ballet and design have in common, and how she navigates her design process through the lessons she has learned as a ballerina.
Bettina Høiler speaking at UX Copenhagen 2023

Bettina Høiler
Senior UX and Service Designer

Should insurance companies care about the discovery of systemic racism and gender bias in medical devices? Are we as designers responsible for ensuring that the partners that we collaborate with are made aware of discriminatory issues with their products? And should we take notice of them when treating our insurance customers? These are a few of the issues Senior UX and Service Designer Bettina Høiler of the Danish insurance company Alm. Brand Group will be discussing with us next March.

Tiziana d'Agostino speaking at UX Copenhagen 2023

Tiziana d’Agostino
UX Psychologist and Interaction Design consultant

Successful products require a deep understanding of people. In this workshop, UX psychologist Tiziana d’Agostino will share the most important psychological insights that will allow you to create the right product that delivers real value. She will also emphasize how to use psychology ethically to increase customers’ wellbeing, and offer practical advice you can implement in your work immediately.


Rachael Edwards and Demi Daniels speaking at UX Copenhagen 2023

Demi Daniels & Rachael Edwards
Content designers at Auto Trader in Manchester, UK

Your words matter. In this content design-focused workshop, you’ll learn how to write for real people and create better user journeys though the hidden power of inclusive language.
David de Léon speaking at UX Copenhagen 2023

David de Léon
Freelance designer, researcher and strategist

With 25 years of academic and industrial experience in the field of design and User Experience, David will share titbits from his forthcoming book “The Gentle Art of Design Critique”. He promises to teach us a few Jedi mind tricks for how to get the most out of feedback, without bruising our egos, and while having fun in the process.


Tina Klemmensen speaking at UX Copenhagen 2023

Tina Klemmensen
Freelance illustrator and puppeteer 

This animation workshop is combined with Design Thinking, and is a creative and inclusive way of working together on solving common goals.

Oliver Schönbaumer speaking at UX Copenhagen 2023

Oliver Schöndorfer
Freelance UI and app designer

After this entertaining and inspiring workshop, you will have practical guidelines on how better to choose and use typefaces for your next UI design.

call for speakers 2023

Our call for speakers is open each year from June 1 – Sep 1. Please reach out to conference curator Helle Martens with your proposals: 
hello (at)

What is UX COpenhagen?

UX Copenhagen® is Denmark’s most inspirational human experience conference!

The theme for UX Copenhagen® 2023 is “Invisibility”.

“Great UX” is invisible, right? Isn’t that the story that has been told for years? But creating “invisible” UX is not an easy feat! We’ll be looking at what goes into the development of creating invisible services, processes, and usable products, and at some of the other “invisible” things we do as designers, like using listening skills, methodologies from psychology, and even manipulation. We will look into how to highlight biases among ourselves, how to focus on what’s missing from our designs, and how to pinpoint unintended consequences. There will be talks about the hidden ways in which some parts of the population are systematically overlooked and excluded from the world we live in, highlighting racism, ageism, and gender, and discussing how we can prevent this.

We’ll aslo be learning how to give our work meaning and purpose by creating clay figures! 

UX Copenhagen® connects people from all over the world for essential conversations. Our speakers are a wonderful mix of professionals, ranging from juniors new to the field to big names in the field. The participants come from all parts of the world.

This year’s event will be hybrid. We’ll be focusing on bringing people together to network and interact whether they are attending online or physically. 

We have quite a few activities planned this year surrounding the conference: 
  • Monday the 20th of March, I’ll be hosting a local meetup with Debbie Levitt here in Copenhagen (free for anyone)
  • Tuesday the 21st is David Dylan Thomas’ workshop on Inclusive Design (stand-alone event, ticketed)
  • Wednesday the 22nd, we will be creating figures in plasticine and learning about Design Thinking with Tina Klemmensen (included in the live event conference ticket)
  • Thursday the 23rd is day 1 of the conference, followed by a dinner event (included in the live event conference ticket)
  • Friday the 24th is day 2 of the conference (included in the live event conference ticket)
  • Monday the 27th we’ll be hosting a workshop on Design Leadership with Catherine Hills (stand-alone event, ticketed. More information to follow – keep an eye out on the website!)
We have a slack community for all attendees, and it already has a bit of activity. 
The venue is Big Bio Nordhavn, Hamborg Plads 6 in Nordhavn. It’s a short walk from Nordhavn Metro station, and a few minutes more to Nordhavn train station.
The venue for 2023 is in the northern part of Copenhagen, Nordhavn.

Please read more about the conference here!

2023 Sponsors

UX Copenhagen® is supported by companies from all over the world. Are you interested in sponsoring us? Please reach out to
hello (at)

The revenue for UX Copenhagen is solely based on ticket sales and (very few) company sponsorships. Each contribution means that we can keep moving forward with the conference, so we’re deeply grateful for our sponsors!

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Axure RP 10

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