About The Speaker

Janne Jul Jensen is Senior UX Architect with LEGO. She specializes in usability and interaction design, and applies and teaches her expertise primarily to the internal systems within LEGO. She is a frequent speaker on UX internationally.

Janne has worked in academia and the software industry as an expert in all things UX – including five years with Trifork A/S where she designed apps for leading Danish companies, such as Bilka, DSB, and Danske Bank. Janne also has a Ph.D. degree in Software Engineering from Aalborg University.

About The Talk 

Most people recognize the value of having an architect involved when building a new house, or acknowledge why a Michelin chef knows more about cooking than they do. Via analogies Janne Jul Jensen will visualize why it creates value and makes sense to involve UX specialists in the development of software, how much you can handle on your own and where things typically go south without UX specialists. If you are a decision maker, this talk will create an understanding of what you get out of an investment in UX. If you are a UX specialist, this talk will give you some arguments to help justify UX in your organization, your team or your project.

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